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Fashion Tailoring

Expert Alterations for Ladies & Gentelmen

Photo Gallery

Special projects Special projects Soldier restoration Mended his velvet coat and belt. 190870534 Happy holidays 190870535 Santa's in town and need alterations Mrs Claus was too busy cooking and baking for the holidays, so Santa came over. I was glad to help. 196408709 Need a new collar Change a collar, add a belt loop, Whatever makes you happy and comfortable. 196408710 Santa's new outfit New collar and belt loops 199678697 Beloved sweatshirt Want to make it into a pillow 199341636 Throw pillow made from scratch This is the pillow made from the sweatshirt. 199341435 Halloween costume Duckling 200265556 Halloween Costume Pigeon 200265557 200265558 200265559